Digital Banking for the Modern Day Entrepreneur


    A powerful digital business account that makes managing finance simple, easy and convenient for small businesses







  • More than a Bank

    Everything from Banking to Accounting and Invoicing in one simple platform

  • Automatic Reconciliation of Accounts & ​Receivables

    Automated tracking and reconciliation of receivables and payables

    Invoicing with Integrated Digital Payments

    Create & manage invoices integrated with online payment gateway

    Automated Bookkeeping

    Automated accounting with income, expense management and bookkeeping tools with ability to reconcile cash & other bank transactions

  • Banking Built for the Digital Economy



    Easy Signup

    it only takes few minutes to setup your account using our fully digital onboarding process using eKYC



    Discover & access third-party business apps that helps you grow your business


    Credit Line

    Hassles free loans to help your grow your business

    API Banking

    APIs that help developers and businesses integrate banking services into their business workflow